The Unplug Collective has has received recognition from some of the world’s top fashion and lifestyle publications. Started in a college dorm room in 2019, Unplug is working to make radical change in the fashion, journalism and mental health industries, with astounding growth in a mere year’s time. With just 7 Black women employees, Unplug uses collective sharing and healing to dismantle wellness as a racist and fatphobic space.

British Vogue

“If you’ve been slowly losing your faith in humanity over the course of 2020, a visit to the Unplug Collective might just restore it….”

The Unplug Collective Might Be The Best Place On The Internet Right Now

Garage Magazine

“Helmed by Amanda Taylor, the collective is a space for Black women and gender expansive people to share their stories.

The Unplug Collective’s Digital Healing Circle

Teen Vogue

“Founder Amanda Taylor opened up about celebrating Black and Brown women and nonbinary people…”

The Unplug Collective Allows Black Women to Express Themselves Without Censorship


“In a time people consider “the best years of their lives,” college was a challenging place for founder Taylor, and she wasn’t alone…”

The Unplug Collective: A Place to Celebrate You

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