The Unplug Collective was founded by Amanda Taylor, a Jamaican student attending college in NYC. We are a team of Black college students dedicated to building community. We are a platform where Black women and gender-expansive people have been sourcing and sharing stories about body discrimination, mental health and more since 2019. We prioritize working closely with you to tell your stories because we believe that each of us holds tremendous power to educate and inspire.

We focus on anti-body discrimination work by reimagining:

  • beauty
  • healing
  • physical and mental health spaces

and deconstructing:

  • fatphobia and diet culture
  • medical discrimination 
  • desirability


Here, we tell the stories that we’ve never been allowed to tell. This is a space that centers the lived experiences of Black women and Black gender-expansive people.

We use social media as a digital healing circle for our community to discuss topics that are otherwise silenced in our homes, schools, and workplaces.


We prioritize bridging the gap between fashion and mental health, since the way we see (or don’t see)      ourselves represented in the media takes a huge toll on our mental health (from self-worth, to depression,  eating disorders, or anxiety about how we look and feel). As seen in our post Why BMI is Medical Discrimination, Black women are disproportionately affected by these beauty “standards.”


We take a stand for radical self acceptance and body image healing by:

*making untold stories free and accessible 

*expelling the notion that our bodies exist for others’ satisfaction 

*prioritizing listening to the needs of our bodies and our minds

*taking a collective and intersectional approach to all issues 

*creating space & community for black and brown womxn and non-binary folks around the world to make their stories legible

*nurturing the most marginalized

*committing to constant introspection & growth